Watching Amy grow


I’ve lived away from home for years…..I usually visit  in January for around a month, always with a new venture in mind but carrying the sadness of knowing I will be leaving soon once again.  This time is always short, squeezing in time with family and friends but even more so in January 2008…….

I was in Egypt, sat in my hotel room when I recieved a text message on 7th January “Hi. Emma had a baby girl, Amy-Beth 7lbs 13oz, mother and baby are fine”   I was an aunty!  I could not wait to get home.  When I held her in my arms she looked so new, tiny little features, and seeing my sister with her own little baby girl, amazing. 

It will soon be January 2010 and Amy-Beth will be two years old, I’ve missed so much of seeing her grow and now she’s a little girl.  I  managed  to visit home and capture a few precious moments with her, each time seeing changes, beginning to bond and knowing that next time I visited she would not remember me. 

Recently the whole family visited….it makes you rethink a few things.  She called me “aunty Sarah” in her sweet little voice and ,oh my god, I can not describe how that makes me feel, it’s pretty special.

Here are a few of my memories since she was born


Amy Beth stages

Portraits are important

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