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The Persistence Of A Spider

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Most people have times in there lives when we know we need a change of direction.  Deliberation on which road to take when there is a road sign with numerous options (metaphorically).

So we eventually decide on a path but we are not sure it is the correct one, once again we change our mind trying to decide which the correct cause of action is for us.  So what is the solution we ask ourselves?

I am going to tell you a story about such a simple everyday creature, a garden spider. . . . . . . . . . . . . .   . . . . . . One day I felt particularly inspired by nothing more than a little spider I was photographing in my garden.  Here is the little fellow.











Just a normal garden spider.  At first I photographed him in his web on the side of my wheely bin in different natural light, on numerous days, to make a “pretty picture”-As I became bored with this, I thought to myself, “why not do a creative assignment which tells a story”, so I started watching his behaviour.  He built his web, nothing unusual for a spider, but as I started watching him create his web section by section, I admiringly noticed the beauty of the construction.  I appreciated the aesthetic quality, it’s photographic beauty.











The next day I went outside and his web was destroyed so what did he do?  He had already started constructing a new web immediately, no deliberation and in a different location.  I saw him enjoy eating a fly but a few hours later I returned and noticed his fine work must have been destroyed by wind.  What did he do?  Of course this spider had an immaculate brand new web the next day, that’s what spiders do.  Only problem was his web was across my front door so I knew it would be broken as soon as I got a visitor and a few hours later it was demolished but the next morning a new web was gleaming in the sunlight!

If only things were that simple for us.  Of course things are a lot more complicated for us but if there is one thing I will take from watching nothing more that a spider doing spidery things is his consistency. How important consistency is in every aspect of life.  If you build your life somewhere and it is not working build it some where else and be persistent with that decision.  You wouldn’t catch a spider building half finished webs everywhere in indecision.  If things don’t work out that’s o.k. The spider fed on a fly because he built that web.  Without that web he could not have eaten and his survival instinct give him a meal.  You don’t see a spider giving up when his web is destroyed.















I am now inspired to create the name of my new website Art Of Life Photography and guess what the next step is?  I am creating the first “strand” of my new “(web)site” in my own time when I am feeling most inspired with heart and passion.  We creative types may speak metaphorically and some of us may be a little quirky but inspiration is what drives us all to create something new and exciting.


Kirk Ancestry

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

We all want to know where we come from.  This is Wilfred Kirk In India.  He was a Seaforth highlander  In the 30s-40s roughly.  I’ve never met my grandfather unfortunately.  He died long before I was born.  My research is on going.  Wonder if he had similar personality traits to me?

Choosing to see beauty

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

Sometimes beauty seems to be absent, missing, the glass is half empty. Then something happens, a conversation, a decision, a moment happens. Nature provides. You can block out the world then all of a sudden you don’t notice the bad stuff, just for that moment you see. Postivity is present, you have a goal again.

I love when it happens unexpectedly. Sometimes someone else points you in the right direction. Hope is the most important word in the world.

Seahouses-Farne Islands

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

I lived in South Shields most of my youth, then off I went for 10 years, moving all over the U.K. and even abroad learning my photographic craft and living life to the fullest-always photographing nature out of enjoyment.  

You sometimes forget what is on your doorstep.   I’d be lying if I said that I did not miss the thrill of the race sometimes, not knowing how long I would be in one place, the excitement of planning my next move, my next adventure. . .

So what is on this “doorstep” of South Shields?

My family who I rarely saw for 10 years, wow, that’s a long time.  -Every time I visited each year dad and I discussed how we should visit  Seahouses and see the Seals at the Farne Islands now we’ve done it.

These images won’t win awards and are not photographically anything special but they remind me of our day together.

We saw yellow fields on the way home and stopped so I could photograph it!  Dad calls this “Fields of Gold”

I was envious of the guy with the £2000 long lens but hey ho. . .gotta love this little Grey Seal !

Guillemots and a single Cormorant

What’s on my doorstep?  A lot more than I thought IF I CARE TO TAKE A DEEPER LOOK.

Art Of Innocence-Childhood Portraiture

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Many photographers are a “Jack of all trades” and this was certainly true of myself until recently.  This does not mean that I would turn down particular enquiries or subjects, however I do feel that it is important that a professional photographer should highlight the field of his/her expertise.

I choose to specialise in Childhood Portraiture as I see this chapter in a persons life the most important in terms of recording memories, especially as changes happen so rapidly!

Let me use the metaphor “flower” to expain how I see it. . . From the seed of a baby bump to a newborn bud, through to a blooming toddler.  These stages of physical and mental development are YOUR MEMORIES which will be frozen in time when you glimpse at your portraits 3 years down the line, you will remember those little expressions your baby used to have before they became your little man or little lady.

Amy-Beth is now three years old. . .how time flies. . .

Quality time with my man in Egypt

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

 Escapism…everyone has something that has them move away from reality and relax.  One of my favourite forms of escape is travel, always surrounded by the sea.   Must needed time to recharge my batteries and spend quality time with my boyfriend.   You know what it’s like…not enough time in the day to find time to relax so I consider this time together a good investment.

This was our view as the sunset.  Notice the tiny moon.  Enjoyed every second of our time together this day. 




















Enjoyed following these fish swimming through and jumping out of the water.   I see this as a piece of art. 


And why not capture a portrait of my man in this beautiful light?


I love the oranges and blues in the waves.


A boat in the distance and a blue-green sea.


Subtle shadows and vibrant blues and mountains fading into the distance.




Watching Amy grow

Sunday, October 18th, 2009


I’ve lived away from home for years…..I usually visit  in January for around a month, always with a new venture in mind but carrying the sadness of knowing I will be leaving soon once again.  This time is always short, squeezing in time with family and friends but even more so in January 2008…….

I was in Egypt, sat in my hotel room when I recieved a text message on 7th January “Hi. Emma had a baby girl, Amy-Beth 7lbs 13oz, mother and baby are fine”   I was an aunty!  I could not wait to get home.  When I held her in my arms she looked so new, tiny little features, and seeing my sister with her own little baby girl, amazing. 

It will soon be January 2010 and Amy-Beth will be two years old, I’ve missed so much of seeing her grow and now she’s a little girl.  I  managed  to visit home and capture a few precious moments with her, each time seeing changes, beginning to bond and knowing that next time I visited she would not remember me. 

Recently the whole family visited….it makes you rethink a few things.  She called me “aunty Sarah” in her sweet little voice and ,oh my god, I can not describe how that makes me feel, it’s pretty special.

Here are a few of my memories since she was born


Amy Beth stages

Portraits are important