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Art Of Innocence-Childhood Portraiture

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Many photographers are a “Jack of all trades” and this was certainly true of myself until recently.  This does not mean that I would turn down particular enquiries or subjects, however I do feel that it is important that a professional photographer should highlight the field of his/her expertise.

I choose to specialise in Childhood Portraiture as I see this chapter in a persons life the most important in terms of recording memories, especially as changes happen so rapidly!

Let me use the metaphor “flower” to expain how I see it. . . From the seed of a baby bump to a newborn bud, through to a blooming toddler.  These stages of physical and mental development are YOUR MEMORIES which will be frozen in time when you glimpse at your portraits 3 years down the line, you will remember those little expressions your baby used to have before they became your little man or little lady.

Amy-Beth is now three years old. . .how time flies. . .