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Lets hear it for the girls! Favourite photos – South Shields Photographer

Friday, August 12th, 2016

Thought I’d post my favourite photos of girls I have photographed.


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Customer Feedback-Abigail Creel

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Real reviews from Facebook!

Abbie Creel Said:  (Five Star Rating)  ”

I was booked in for a consultation with Sarah so that she could find out exactly what I was looking for in my porfolio. This service had never been offered to me before – other photographers expected me to turn up on the day and do the photo shoot – so this was a breath of fresh air.The photo shoot was done in the comfort of my own home (believe it or not – in the living room). I was a bit nervous to start with but Sarah put me at ease and I had a lot of fun changing into different outfits and even found myself twirling around. I even chose the ‘twirling’ picture as one of my images!One image I did ask for in my consultation was a discreet topless photograph. Sarah was very professional as I got ready and directed me into different positions. I was unsure if I would choose it as an image but when I saw the final image during my viewing, it was the first image I purchased.As an actress and performer, images are important. I originally paid for 5 images along with the poto shoot but I ended up buying 10 images – the standard was that high. I even had to call my friend over to help me narrow down the possible images.I look forward to working with Sarah again in the very near future. I am very pleased and happy with the end results.

Sarah, thank you.

Which Editing style do you prefer?  Abbie Chose the bottom portrait editing style as she wanted a natural “look.”

Donnelly Family

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

One thing I relate to as a woman is needing portraits of myself looking fabulous and also of myself and my man together.  Katie and Paul wanted just that, to celebrate their marriage.

Donnelly Family (4)

Katie and Paul holding hands

Donnelly Family (15)

Katie looking elegant


Facebook Review-

Katie Donnelly Said:

(Five Star Review)  Sarah is fantastic! My husband and I had some wedding photos taken in our home and viewed the final shots last night and I am amzed how anyone can make me look that good! Can’t wait for next week when Sarah brings the prints! Yippee! x