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Quality time with my man in Egypt

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

 Escapism…everyone has something that has them move away from reality and relax.  One of my favourite forms of escape is travel, always surrounded by the sea.   Must needed time to recharge my batteries and spend quality time with my boyfriend.   You know what it’s like…not enough time in the day to find time to relax so I consider this time together a good investment.

This was our view as the sunset.  Notice the tiny moon.  Enjoyed every second of our time together this day. 




















Enjoyed following these fish swimming through and jumping out of the water.   I see this as a piece of art. 


And why not capture a portrait of my man in this beautiful light?


I love the oranges and blues in the waves.


A boat in the distance and a blue-green sea.


Subtle shadows and vibrant blues and mountains fading into the distance.